This casserole is not just for breakfast. It's perfect for anytime -- even makes a great between-meal snack!

Originally created by Lemmons the Shiny Clown for a special Valentine's Day cooking show, the Angel of the Morning Casserole has become the holiday breakfast tradition for many families.

This recipe will serve two; double the measurements to serve up to eight. The salt can be cut in half for those with heart palpitations.



Freeze up to six months in advance for easy preparation.

Angel of the Morning



9 eggs (jumbo)
3 pkgs lemon-flavored gelatin
1 lb fresh beef suet
a lot of lemon juice (seeds okay)
1 tsp salt

Mix and layer the ingredients except for the suet. Fold in the suet and microwave until you are bored.

Allow to cool and serve with garnish.


Warm up some marshmallows in the microwave, and cover with leftover cheese to cut down the sweetness.

What you will need:

A casserole dish
A microwave oven